Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Venture

Yeah, yeah, I need a new venture like I need a hole in the head (ever wonder how that saying came to be?? It's mistfied me since I was a kid....rabbit trail, but good scenery.) Anyway, these are something I've been thinking about making for a while. Beads, creativity, simple, fast....perfect. So here's the first set, my muse seems to be taking a holiday so they're pretty standard, nothing unusual really, I do like them though, very summery. :)


Nurf ball said...

Hey, Honey. I always notice 0 comments. Do you ever get the feeling you are talking to yourself? Anyway, you must document these entries in a journal. They are very entertaining.

Pakalana said...

LOL! Nothing new about that, I have regular conversations with myself. At least this way there's a record, for those times when I start arguing with myself...I can always go back and check the facts. ;)

Nurf Ball said...

ROTF + LOL. Check the facts indeed. Love it.