Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Day of School!

They're all mine for the next 2 months. Mine I tell you!....Bwahahahahahah. Oh dear, either the heat is getting to me or 16 yrs with Justin is finally beginning to have an effect.

Yes! The children are officially on summer vacation! So it begins. They've all gotten their teacher assignments for next year and very pleased with who they'll be getting. The 4th grade teacher has gotten Anna, that means so far he's taught/will teach the oldest three....and he keeps asking when the next one through is due. Anna is very excited to have him next year.

Lars recived the Principle's Award again this year. Big doin's. He recieved it his first year at this school and his now his last in Elementary. He's pretty thrilled about that. Needless to say we are very proud of him.

Lars recieving his award

Bruce and Grandpa went boot shopping! He's got his boots. Now, we'll get him fitted for a hat and he'll be set.

There it is, summer begins. This fall we'll have all 5 in school, one in Junior High, another middle schooler making his way through and still have three in elementary. Wow.


Mom said...

Hi, Honey. Well I guess my comment never made it. Can't remember what I said but I just loved the video. Your kids always look so nice. They each have their own style and dress accordingly. God bless you, Dear. Love, Mumsie Wumsie.

Mom said...

Hey, Lana. Where have you been the last two days? I get a little concerned when you don't call. But, it's a busy time. I hired Brandon to mow the lawn today. Just didn't feel like it. I have three projects that need to get done then I'm caught up. Feels good! God bless, Mum.