Friday, June 26, 2009

Kermit and more

As said, I finished plying "Kermit" up last night. Specs: Navajo 3 ply, 239+ yards, 14 wpi. There are another 3 batts waiting in the wings, so there should be a good amount of yardage when I'm finished.

Next that proverbial list comes the dyeing for winter warmness. I'm having the kids help in this process. They're helping to pick, dye and card. I'll do the spinning and knitting. :) I'm still doing the Wilton's and still learning at that. This is Lars's color choice, orange and royal blue. One thing about the food colorings is the blues tend to seperate and this batch has unfortunately. I think I'll move to commercial dyes for some colors.
The orange is a mixed color to gain a deeper hue. Now to see how they turn out.

Dye Ratios 1 part=1/4 tea Wilton's food coloring

Kermit: 2:0 Kelly Green

Orange: 2 no-taste Red: 1 Golden Yellow: 1/2 Brown

Royal Blue: 1 Royal Blue: 1/4 Black

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Marm said...

Hi, Babe. I can't help it. I just LOVE the colors. Kermit is sublime. I found an old man at the farmers market today that has some madder for dying reds. It's a natural die. His name is Donald. I have his number and will go and see him. He talkes a blue streak but is so nice. I met him over where two women were spinning. They were older and, guess what? They were spinning small. One had a huge skein of what looked like angora. Turns out it was Golden Retriever. Her friend saved all the combings of the down not the hair and it spun up into the most beautiful Golden Retriever color imaginable. BVery soft and fluffy. Just beautiful. She was spinning a skein just like your soft pastels. She was going to try and ply it in the Navahoe ply. The other lady had died a fleece in every color of the rainbow and some the rainbow never even imagined. The finished three ply was so wild you would not believe it! I liked both of them. I told them of your 12 fleece acquision and waqtched them turn a Kermit green. Love telling spinners stories like that. Well, It was a long day and I am tired. Will sit down and have a glass of wine. Love Marm.