Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kids' News

Ahh, the time of year for the first mid terms. Do you remember those? Lord I do. The time of year you got to find out how many more hours a night you were going to be spending hunched over your books like Gollum.
They're all do well! Bruce has achieved a first and currently holding the highest with all but one B in a sea of A! The rest aren't far behind and doing well with getting their work finished after school.

Lars has finished irrigation duties for the year. As Justin delivered the fateful news last weekend.
"Boys, I have good news and bad news for you. Good news, no more irrigation duties for the year.
*much smiles and cheering*
Bad news, since the irrigation is off, you need to start hauling water to the stock.
*Bruce from the backseat "oh yeah, I forgot about that."*"

Malina is loving school, usually ready by 9am, bus gets here at 11:50 and she's off to her learning. She's doing very well! Homework time is getting more complicated, but the older ones are pretty good about filling in when needed.
Anna is plowing through books like she's getting paid. I've lost track of how many books she's gone through since the beginning of the school year.
Leif has a great teacher this year and he's making progress by leaps and bounds.

The two older boys are doing very well. Lars is adjusting to Middle school, not as scary as he thought. Bruce is making the most of his final year outside of high school (okay that's just not right there) and really enjoying his woodshop elective!

There's the kid news! I need to sneak pics of them soon.

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